Goddess & Green Man Essence Oils

Product Description

You can order either (or both) Gifts of the Goddess  & Green Man Oil in the box above. See below for a description of these magical oils:

For those who choose to work with their energy, the Goddess and Green Man brings gifts of wisdom, light, creativity, abundance, and magick!

GIFTS OF THE GODDESS ESSENCE OIL –A magickal scent inspired by the Goddess Danu, this oil is magnetic and ethereal, like the Goddess herself!
Use this oil when you wish to work with Her energy–to connect, to interpret, and to create. Comes in a 1/2 dram (1/16 oz.) bottle.
Priced at $4.50 per bottle.

GREEN MAN ESSENCE OIL–(pictured above, right)
This scent features a magnificent blend of earth tones and woodland scents. Use this oil when you wish to connect with this benevolent guardian of the forest and draw his energies to you. Our oil comes in a 1/2 dram (1/16 oz.) bottle, priced at $4.50 per bottle.


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