Wild Wisdom Oils

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Created over a period of 10 years by Natalie Lynn, these ritual oils are attuned to each purpose with clarity and intent–a very powerful combination! Although they were designed to be used for ritual and manifestation work, they can also be used in a diffuser to surround oneself in magick!
Comes packaged in a 1/4 fl oz. dropper bottle with a glass pipette and sells for $7.25 each.

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See below for a list of the 16 oils available along with their magical properties:

(For connecting with
other realms)
(To remove or block things from your life)
Earth Spirit
(To  connect with the earth, nature and it’s guardians)
Enchanted Forest
(To connect with the magic and wisdom of the forest)
Faerie Realm
(To attract the fae and to assist in communicating with them)
Frankincense & Myrrh
(For protection,  purification & as an aid to spiritual growth and meditation)
(To access the divine/universal healing energy for help w/healing the body/mind/spirit) 
Inner Balance
(To assist and promote more balance in one’s life)
(To enhance meditation)
Mystical Moon
(To work with moon magic)
(To attract the energies of love and passion to you)
Personal Power
(To assist in enhancing and focusing one’s personal power)
(To attract the energies of prosperity and abundance to you)
(To assist in protecting, persons, places and things)
(To assist in cleansing/removing negativity from people, places and objects)
Sacred Dreams
(To enhance dream work and to help in remembering dreams)


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