Archangels Stick Incense — 6 Archangel Scents

Product Description

This series of  6 Archangel Incenses was designed to help the user connect with a specific Archangel and work with/receive their special energy.
Each incense package contains 12 sticks (10.5″ long) and costs $3.50.

You can order the incense in the box above. Here is a list of the incenses available and their uses:

Archangel Auriel/New Beginnings Stick Incense:
Especially crafted to help you within your ritual crafts (or standing alone) to call upon the Archangel Auriel, who is often viewed as the guardian and representative of the earth.  This fine incense can also be used to attract new beginnings.

Archangel Gabriel/Inner Guidance Stick Incense:
Serving as the messenger of God, the Archangel Gabriel is often called upon when seeking divine guidance and divine wisdom. Use this incense to aid you in seeking inner guidance  in your ritual crafts, divination and spells.

Archangel Michael/Protection Stick Incense:
Intended to be used to summon or contact the archangel Michael, the great protector.  Use when you need help in protecting and defending yourself or others.

Archangel Raphael/Healing Stick Incense:
Use these incense sticks to aid you in summoning and praying to Raphael, the archangel frequently revered and prayed to as the angel of healing.

Archangel Raziel /Mind Expansion Stick Incense:
Especially crafted to help you with your ritual crafts (or standing alone) to connect with the Archangel Raziel, the champion of knowledge,who can be called upon to help with mind expansion, problem solving, and creativity.

Archangel Uriel/Motivation Stick Incense:
Look to the Archangel Uriel to aid you in finding motivation and attaining your goals with the aid of this stick incense.  It is specifically designed to aid you in connecting and calling upon this powerful angel.


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