Green Man Incense & Oil



Product Description

Although his roots are steeped in ancient traditions, the Green Man is an archetypal energy for modern times, gently working to communicate the importance of being in balance and harmony with Nature and Mother Earth. His kind and nurturing spirit has the ability to move the seeker well beyond limiting perceptions to a fuller, more universal understanding of nature’s cycles, power, healing and growth. For these reasons, and because his expansive energy and wisdom are so vital at this time, we have created the products on this page. Use them when you wish to connect with this benevolent guardian of the forest and draw his energies to you.
You can order these two very popular products above:
This scent features a magnificent blend of earth tones and woodland scents.
Retail priced at $4.50 per 1/2 Dram bottle.
Featuring the same great scent as the Green Man oil.
Each package of 15 sticks is retail priced at $4.00.


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